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Here’s How to Load Your Pickup Truck Like a Pro

BANGKOK, THAILAND, July 14, 2017 – Pickup trucks have long been valued for their toughness and unmatched practicality – which is why they are used by a range of businesses across Thailand, from tradespeople to landscape gardeners and everyone in between. And with more and more people choosing to take up a trade, pickup truck sales have increased by 5.9%, or 169,975 units1, in Thailand during January – May 2017.

But do you know that when it comes to making the most of the load capability of pickup trucks, the key is in how you pack the truck bed? Not only can a well-packed bed allow you to transport more from job to job, it can help keep everyone safer too; in the UK alone, an estimated 22,000 traffic accidents per year are caused by items falling from vehicles. The risks are even greater in countries like Thailand, where the high number of motorcyclists on roads mean more people are exposed to potential dangers2.

Whether you’re a seasoned pick-up owner, or a new hand, by following a few simple tips you’ll be able to transport more, and keep yourself and other road users safer.

1. Get a sticky mat for your truck bed
If you’re worried about things sliding around in the back of your truck and getting damaged, a truck bed mat is a simple and effective solution. A mat can keep your tools and goods safe, and stop them from falling out onto the road.

2. Put small items in a tool box
There is nothing worse than getting out after a long drive to a job and having to fish around in every corner of the truck for what you need. Putting small objects in tool boxes will keep things neat and tidy, and save you a potential headache.

3. Load heavy items toward the front
If you have any heavy items in your load they should go at the front of the truck bed. That way the truck’s center of gravity will stay more stable as you drive, keeping you and your goods safe.

4. Wrap things up tightly
Tape, cable ties and cling film can be used to hold items tightly together so that there is no chance of them coming loose and causing trouble as you commute to and from jobs.

5. Tighten loose items
If anything is in danger of slipping around, strap it down with a ratchet strap. This way, when you’re taking corners and conquering road bumps, your load will stay in place.

6. Attach a flag to oversize items
If you are carrying any loads that reach over the edge of the truck bed, attaching a red and yellow flag can help other road users and pedestrians see them more clearly and avoid accidents.

7.  Secure everything
Once the last item is loaded, use ratchet straps to secure everything as tightly as you can so that nothing is in danger of falling out of the truck, and hurting your wallet, or another person, in the process. If you don’t have ratchet straps to hand, rope can do the job too.

Now your load is securely in place you can get on with your next job.

Check out this video to see how you can take advantage of all these tips when packing your work gear.



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2 Thailand: Deadliest country for motorcyclists


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