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Ford Owners Get Power-Up Software Updates for More Seamless New Features and Quality Enhancements

  • Ford Power-Up software updates will deliver regular, convenient and seamless quality enhancements, plus new features and capabilities to Ford owners and their vehicles
  • Mustang Mach-E customers receive Ford Power-Up enhancements; Ford to produce 33 million vehicles globally with capability by 2028
  • Ford Power-Up to bring Ford Sketch for touchscreen drawing and simple gaming while the vehicle is parked, further innovative features and enhancements to follow

COLOGNE, Germany, May 13, 2021 – Settling in for a drive in an enhanced, upgraded vehicle will now become a regular experience for Ford owners as the company routinely delivers vehicle improvements through its wireless software update technology called Ford Power-Up.

The first Ford Power-Up software updates for Mustang Mach-E owners in Europe will accelerate a transformation well underway with more than 6 million vehicles on the road today globally featuring advanced, embedded modem connectivity. These vehicles identify customer preferences and vehicle issues, which Ford engineers then translate into quality and capability improvements delivered through Ford Power-Up enhancements.

“Software updates are common across billions of connected devices but not yet for vehicles. Ford Power-Up software updates will change that by quickly bringing it to millions of people,” said Mark Harvey, director, enterprise connectivity, Ford of Europe. “We’ve invested in more seamless technology so updates can happen while you’re sleeping – making your next ride a better experience.”

A new fully networked, second-generation electrical architecture and advanced tech stack create the foundation to deliver unique Ford Power-Up software updates. These quick and easy wireless upgrades help enhance features, quality, experiences, capability and convenience. Capable of updating the vast majority of vehicle computer modules – more than 110 on higher end models – these upgrades can help improve the ownership experience and may help reduce the need for repair trips.

Many Ford Power-Up software updates will be virtually invisible to customers, with a technology platform that installs much of the new software in the background. Many updates require little to no action by customers, enabled by SYNC 4 technology that keeps current software running until the new version is ready to go.

For updates that require reboots, Ford invites customers to schedule them at convenient times, such as overnight. Unlike updates for devices such as laptops, which often seem to come at inconvenient times, vehicle owners may not even notice that the installation occurred until they start their vehicle.

New features, quality

Mustang Mach-E customers in Europe will soon receive Ford Sketch – also referred to a Notes in vehicle menus – for touchscreen drawing and simple gaming while the vehicle is parked. 1 Customers will also continue to receive new enhancements during the coming weeks, including:

  • Remote Vehicle Setup and Trip Logs let Mustang Mach-E customers use the FordPass smartphone app to set up profile preferences, including all radio presets, in the cloud to be sent to vehicles while trip logs track battery usage and other driving details on each trip.
  • Mustang Mach-E SYNC 4A upgrades, including:
  • Navigation enhancements automatically make helpful destination suggestions, plus new cloud connectivity combines conversational voice command recognition with internet-based search
  • Apple CarPlay® compatibility enhancement to display turn-by-turn navigation in the vehicle’s instrument cluster 2
  • Digital owner’s manual enhancements to continue making the innovative, paperless product guides even more valuable


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1 Don’t drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice-operated systems when possible. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.


2 Requires smartphone with active data service and compatible software. SYNC 4 does not control 3rd party products while in use. 3rd parties are solely responsible for their respective functionality.

Mustang Mach-E delivers up to 610 km WLTP homologated pure-electric driving range in rear-wheel drive, extended-range battery configuration.

The declared WLTP fuel/energy consumptions, CO2-Emissions and electric range are determined according to the technical requirements and specifications of the European Regulations (EC) 715/2007 and (EU) 2017/1151 as last amended. The applied standard test procedures enable comparison between different vehicle types and different manufacturers.

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