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Bringing Hope to the Lost and Injured; Latest Ford ‘Lifesavers’ Film Follows a UK Doctor Volunteering with a Mountain Rescue Team

Dr Kennedy and one of the Rangers that get Derby Mountain Rescue Team to remote locations

Dr Natalya Kennedy receives an emergency call. It’s the middle of the night. A surge of adrenaline grips her. Her mind races. As she rushes to the scene of the incident, she knows she must channel her calmness. Her mind must be focussed as her skills and training could make the difference in saving the life of a patient injured in the wilds of the UK’s Peak District.   

This is the type of pressure that she and the many other volunteers of the Derby Mountain Rescue Team feel every time they don the red jackets they’re so proud to wear. Each year these brave lifesavers respond to as many as 60 emergencies, and while the injuries they witness and locations may be familiar, each call out offers unique and potentially dangerous challenges.

The latest film from Ford’s ‘Lifesavers’ series follows Natalya and the team, finding out about the pride she feels being a volunteer and the special demands of this vast area. She also reveals the tragic circumstances that led her to take up medicine while at university.  

The film goes live on July 12th and is the third episode in a series that has already been to Valencia, Spain following a young paramedic and to Nové Mlýny, Czech Republic, where the water rescue team keeps the reservoirs safe. The series highlights the challenges that Europe’s lifesavers face, many of them volunteers, and the courage and drive they must find to overcome them.



Derby Mountain Rescue

An area of outstanding natural beauty, the Peak District covers 1,483 square kilometres of the UK across four different counties. Around 16 million people live within an hour’s drive of the area which makes it popular for walkers, climbers and nature enthusiasts.

The Derby Mountain Rescue Team works from the southern part of the park and now has two specially-converted Ford Ranger pick-ups to help with their search and rescue missions in often remote and inaccessible off-road locations.



The ‘Lifesavers’ series

In each episode, the Ford video cameras have captured the tough challenges that confront the featured lifesaver as they serve their local communities. The series will include:

Episode 1: Valencia Ambulance Service, Spain - Available now
Episode 2: Nové Mlýny Water Rescue Team, Czech Republic - Available now
Episode 3: Derby Mountain Rescue, UK - July 12th, 2021
Episode 4: Pompiers 13 Fire Brigade, France - August 2nd, 2021
Episode 5: Fire Brigade Services, Slovenia - August 23rd, 2021
Episode 6: Bavarian Red Cross, Germany - Date TBC

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“There’s a privilege in being allowed to wear the red jacket which you get when you’re accepted onto the team, when you’ve completed your training. And there’s a respect for each other that goes with that, and a trust that goes with that, and that is at the heart of every team member.” 
Dr Natalya Kennedy, Derby Mountain Rescue Team, UK


"Filming in these remote locations could have been extremely tough, yet we followed the lead of the Derby Mountain Rescue Team and it was a smooth operation, the filming was part of a well-oiled machine. That's a real testament to their skill, professionalism, and experience. What struck us above all of that though was the dedication and courage they display. These are everyday people, volunteers, but when they put that red jacket on it's like they truly become superheroes."
Tim Clifford, producer, Ford Lifesavers


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