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Ford’s Matchmaking Tool Helps People Who Want to Job Share Find Their Perfect Partner

Ford Credit employees Gillian Humphries and Sian Hodgson-Wood have shared a role for seven years and were recently promoted together

Many people are looking for new ways of working. Whether it’s due to childcare demands, looking after older parents or making more time for pursuits outside of work, job sharing can be an attractive proposition. However, finding the right person to share with can be a challenge.

Ford Motor Company has now developed and introduced a web-based matchmaking tool to make this easier. Employees can create a profile, search for suitable colleagues, and then contact potential partners.

For Ford, the benefits are clear. Job-sharing can both help retain employees as well as appeal to strong external candidates who might only be available for part-time roles. Managers report improvements in work quality as well as greater continuity when one person eventually moves on and their colleague remains in the role ready to support a new joiner.

For employees, a more flexible approach can be rewarding as well as convenient. Job sharers report that stress levels are reduced and appreciate having a super knowledgeable sounding board on hand when they come up with new ideas.


How it works

One recent study shows that 61 per cent of Europeans surveyed felt they had a ‘poor work-life balance’. 1 Another survey revealed that around 30 per cent of Europeans felt their job was preventing them from spending time with their family, compared to 19 per cent in 2020. 2

A long-standing supporter of job sharing, Ford is continually exploring new initiatives to ensure that the company is an employer of choice. The JobShare Connect tool, first developed by Ford in the US, enables employees to look both within and beyond their own job function and specific location.

Once an employee finds a potential partner, they can discuss and agree upon how they might divide workload and schedules. For example, one employee might prefer to only work mornings, or to mix-and-match to complement other responsibilities, such as school pick‑up times. Managers ensure that the demands of the role are met before approving the job share.

The Ford JobShare Connect tool is available to many of Ford’s employees in Europe right now, with the opportunity for further roll-out later.


Job sharing in action

Ford Credit employee Sian Hodgson-Wood decided to go part-time after the birth of her first child. Her colleague Gillian Humphries also had to make adjustments in order to accommodate childcare responsibilities. They have now been job sharing for seven years and recently received a joint promotion to the role of Ford Credit TSP Consumer Portfolio Manager.

“The big advantage of a job share is having someone who’s always got your back, even when you go on holiday. Hardly any job is like that, even if you are full time. In most cases, two minds really are better than one,” said Hodgson-Wood.

“Your job share partner will become your confidante, critic, supporter and advisor, so it’s really important that you get on,” said Humphries.


Further Quotes

“Job sharing works really well for both our employees and for Ford. Finding the right person is critical and an employee’s perfect partner could be someone that they have never met, let alone worked with. The JobShare Connect tool is a significant step towards supporting a more flexible working approach.”
Peter Godsell, chief HR officer, International Operations


"JobShare Connect will enable interested parties to look beyond their immediate field/personal network, and look cross-functionally, which should lead to greater and more innovative opportunities.”
Dirk Lunken, HR manager for Talent and Culture, Ford Europe



1 Work-Life Balance study.

2 Work-Life Balance study.

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