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Ford-owned Spin launches in Milton Keynes

This marks the company’s first launch as part of the recently legalised e-scooter trials in the United Kingdom

Spin, the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company, announced its e-scooters are now available for public hire in Milton Keynes. This marks the company's first market in the context of the recently legalised e-scooter trials taking place across the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, Spin began ramping up its scooter operations by placing 100 scooters on the streets for residents to begin using. Over the coming weeks and months, Spin will steadily increase its fleet size to match demand and is expected to have around 300 scooters on the streets by mid-September.

To take a trip, riders simply need to download the Spin App on their smartphone, review a comprehensive set of rules and safety guidelines, and then start their trip for £0.25 per minute (no unlock fee which normally costs £1 per ride). The scooters can be used on the town’s redways, which provide the local community with convenient connectivity across the town.

Spin is working closely with Milton Keynes Council to roll out its fleet responsibly, with public safety being the top priority. Over the weekend, the company held a series of public education events for Milton Keynes residents to come out and learn more about how to ride safely. Spin plans to hold several additional safety and public engagement events in the next several weeks to raise awareness and ensure full compliance with local and national rules.

The company also offers all riders access to Spin Safe Digital, an online learning resource that teaches riders how to start and end trips properly, parking techniques to ensure walkways are free of scooter clutter, and safe riding practices during COVID-19. Riders can receive a £5 discount if they take an online quiz testing them on the rules.

Felix Petersen, Head of Europe at Spin, said “We’re excited to bring the first of our UK e-scooter fleets to Milton Keynes and had a highly-encouraging response from local riders at our Spin Safe events. This is the first of many e-scooters trials across the UK as part of our firm commitment to fully integrate e-scooters into local transportation ecosystems. We hope to responsibly fulfill the need UK residents have for this new transport mode as an accessible, inexpensive and greener alternative to cars and public transport.”

Recently, Spin has also applied for a number of other tenders for the local trials in order to expand the company’s presence including West of England, Oxford, Solent and Canterbury. With recently announced plans to become “carbon negative” by 2025, Spin also views the Milton Keynes trial as an opportunity to implement some of its forward-thinking environmental and sustainability goals including utilizing Ford’s Transit plug-in electric hybrid vehicles to collect and recharge its e-scooter fleet over using diesel vans.

John Lippe, Director of City Engagement at Ford Mobility commented, “Communities around the world are adjusting to this new environment where open-air, sustainable micromobility solutions are not just wanted, but needed for safe travel. We’re ready to bring two wheels to residents throughout the UK with Spin.”

Accompanying images of Spin’s e-scooters in Milton Keynes can be found here.

About Spin

Spin, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company. The company currently operates dockless e-scooters and bikes in campuses and cities in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2017, Spin was the first to launch a stationless mobility program for bikes in Seattle, Washington. It’s since broadened its product offering to e-scooters, and has launched scooter-share programs in over a hundred different communities across the U.S. and Europe.

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