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Mustang Design Origins

Ford Studio Special Falcon Project

The design origins of the Mustang, the world's bestselling pony car, have been told via a number of books and stories over the years. To celebrate it's 57th birthday, we are releasing some new planning documents which will add to the body of information on how the car was designed. Some of the earliest planning documents when the car was still code-named the "T-5" or "Special Falcon Project" and weekly reports during the critical design phase will give Mustang lovers plenty of new material to read.



On August 16th, a design competition was held between the three Ford Motor Company design studios with the Ford, Lincoln Mercury and Advanced Products Studios all presenting options for the Special Falcon Project


Ford Studio

The Ford Studio submitted one clay with two variations between the driver and passenger door views.

Lincoln Mercury Studios

The Lincoln Mercury studios submissions featured both sleek and fastback options.

Advanced Products Studio

The presented the most designs including the Allegro which became a concept car.