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Ford Update on UAW Negotiations
Ford Update on UAW Negotiations Offer
‘23 Jump Street’: Ford Fast Tracks Pay Increase for 8,000 UAW Employees, Average Raise Could Top $10,000 a Year
EcoProBM, SK On, Ford Investing in Québec; Building Cathode Plant to Solidify EV supply chain in North America
Ford’s Oakville, Ontario, Complex Prepares to Build Next-Gen EVs; C$1.8 Billion Transformation Begins 2024
Ford Strengthens Position as ‘America’s Automaker’ with Most Hourly Workers, US-Assembled Vehicles and Exports
Ford Exits Sollers Ford Joint Venture In Russia Following Seven Month Suspension of Operations
Ford Announces New Manufacturing Investment and Jobs Commitment in Kentucky
Ford Speeds Toward All-Electric, Connected Future in Europe; Chooses Valencia Plant, Spain, for Next-Gen EV Architecture
Ford Announces 6,200 New UAW Jobs in the Midwest; Converting Nearly 3,000 Temporary Employees to Full Time; Upgrading Plants to Deliver Ford+ EV, ICE Product Plans