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Soundbites: July 2017 Sales

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 1, 2017 - Ford Motor Company’s U.S. Sales were down 7.5 percent in July,  According to Erich Merkle, Ford Sales analyst, the sale of 200,212 vehicles were primarily driven by reduced fleet sales.

Cut #1  ”So Ford Motor Company overall  sales were down seven and a half in July, but this was really driven largely by our lower fleet sales which were down 26.4 percent.”  :11 sec.

On the other hand, the Ford retail sales outperformed the overall industry.

Cut #2  “We believe the industry retail was down about  6 percent,  so we really performed better than the industry over all.”  :06 sec.

Reviewing the Ford Brand SUV sales Merkle says they were up.

Cut #3  “We totaled 65,558 vehicles,  we were up 2.9 percent and that is a record year-to-date sales performance for Ford brand SUVs we’ve now sold just over 472,000 through July of this year. So this really positions us well as for our upcoming launches with  Expedition and Eco Sport.”   :22 sec.

Ford has maintained optimal inventory levels versus the industry.

Cu t#4  “Yes, we actually did very well, we’re very disciplined we’re managing our inventories very well.  Overall our inventories, on an absolute basis  were down, and if we look at our day’s supply in July we’re at 77 and that was down compared to June of a day’s supply of 79.”  :19 sec.

Explorer Sales increased 12.9 percent versus year ago sales, Escape gained 5.5 percent on sales, and the Ford Edge saw a sales gain of 6.1 percent in July.

Cut #5  “And most importantly we saw increases for our SUV sales, retail sales increases across the country.  We were up 21 percent in the Northeast, 20 percent in the Southeast, 28 percent in the Great Lakes,  21 percent in the Central region  and 18 percent in the West.”  :19 sec.

Finally, F-series sales grew 5.8 percent, with 69,467 trucks sold.

Cut #6  “We continue to see really strong momentum for high series models of F-Series.  So high series luxury or premium trucks as it related to our all new Super-Duty represented about 53 percent of our sales, and this really helped drive our F-Series transaction prices to about 45-thousand dollars per vehicle.”  :22 sec.

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