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Ford Expands Home Delivery Service, Adds Tiers to FordPass Rewards Loyalty Program

  • Building on the success of remote services that proved critical in a pandemic, Ford is expanding its at-home Pickup & Delivery service*, showing retail and commercial customers that the company values their time
  • Ford Pickup & Delivery will be available to all FordPass Rewards members – approximately 8.5 million nationwide – adding convenience for regular vehicle maintenance calls such as oil changes, tire rotations and more
  • Ford is also strengthening the FordPass Rewards program, adding Blue, Silver and Bronze tiers to reward and recognize the most loyal customers – each successive tier unlocks member benefits and enhanced opportunities

DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 9, 2021 – In the early days of the pandemic, some Ford dealerships started offering a Pickup & Delivery service to allow customers across the U.S. to get their vehicles serviced while staying safe in the comfort of their home. People loved the experience, while dealerships saw a rise in customer satisfaction scores as a result.

On Monday, Ford is expanding this popular service by making it available to all of its 8.5 million FordPass Rewards members nationwide. The company is also strengthening its FordPass Rewards program by adding tiers – Blue, Silver and Bronze levels – to reward and recognize its most loyal customers. Members in the top two tiers, Blue and Silver, will be eligible for annual complimentary Pickup & Delivery services*.

“With remote services proving critical during the pandemic, we’re now making it widely accessible to Ford owners,” said Elena Ford, the company’s chief customer experience officer. “It’s our job to look after our customers, and being flexible, respecting their time and giving them peace of mind through services like Pickup & Delivery is one way we can do that. Coupled with tiers, which provides yet another way to engage with the FordPass Rewards program, we are helping to ensure the value of owning a Ford vehicle gets better over time.”

Comfort and convenience first

Since March 2020, Ford has delivered around 100,000 Pickup & Delivery services in the U.S. The process is simple – customers call their local dealer to schedule an appointment and request an at-home or at-work pickup. On the day of service, customers receive updates via phone, text or e-mail to keep them informed of their vehicle’s progress, and it’s delivered back the same day, or as soon as the service is complete.

Expanding Pickup & Delivery is part of the company’s aspiration to be the industry leader in remote services by the end of 2021. With more than 3,100 dealers in the U.S., Ford is the only full line auto brand to offer Pickup & Delivery at scale to millions of customers.

Manley’s Belvidere Ford Lincoln dealership in Illinois has been running a Pickup & Delivery service since the start of the pandemic and has seen a high take-rate. “It’s a big deal for our customers because we take care of everything for them, without taking time out of their busy schedules,” said Mark Lankford, service director for the dealership. “Pickup & Delivery helps us retain our customer base and grow trust and loyalty in our brand. It’s an investment for us, but it will be well worth it over the long-term.”

Introducing FordPass Rewards tiers

While FordPass Rewards is one of the most comprehensive loyalty programs in the auto industry in North America, the addition of the three new tiers gives members access to even more exclusive benefits and offers.

Customers move up through the tiers by achieving milestones*** – done by buying or leasing a new Ford vehicle, which is 50 milestones, purchasing a Ford Blue Advantage used vehicle, 25 milestones, retail service activity at the dealer, 25 milestones, and being an active FordPass Rewards Visa cardholder, to name a few.

FordPass Rewards members who have earned 200 milestones or more since January 2021 will be put in the Blue tier and those with 120 milestones or more will be Silver. All other members will be automatically moved into Bronze. Milestones have no redemption value, they are accumulated to achieve status only, while points*** accrued by members can be easily redeemed and used for future service visits, dealership purchases such as accessories, or as a down payment on a member’s next Ford vehicle.

The higher the tier, the better the rewards and points-earning potential:

  • Blue members earn 10 points per dollar spent on Ford services, plus a 10% bonus on points earned. They get access to exclusive partner offers, as well as two complimentary Pickup & Delivery services per year Silver members earn 10 points per dollar spent on Ford services, plus a 5% bonus on points earned. They get access to exclusive partner offers, as well as one complimentary Pickup & Delivery service per year Bronze members earn 10 points per dollar spent on Ford services. They get access to exclusive partner offers, and are eligible for access to a Pickup & Delivery service for 10,000 points
  • While Pickup & Delivery is a primary benefit of the tiers addition to the program, members also get access to exclusive partnership offers and discounts with Costco, TaskRabbit, Ford Performance Racing School and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  

“FordPass Rewards is a unique relationship-building tool for both our customers and our dealers, as it offers flexibility and drives ongoing business to our stores,” said Elena Ford. “Tiers is not only a foundational way to increase engagement with our customers throughout the ownership period of their vehicle, but also a platform to launch new services such as Pickup & Delivery – bringing great experiences to our most loyal customers.”

The FordPass Rewards section of FordPass, one of the app’s most frequently used features, goes hand-in-hand with the loyalty program, allowing customers to easily check their tier status and points balance and access their benefits. The app gives customers access to remote command and control features, information on Ford Credit and recalls, Vehicle Health Alerts** and emergency services – all at no cost.

“The FordPass app is an integrated tool that allows you to tap into the full benefits of being a Ford customer,” said Elena Ford. “From FordPass Rewards to vehicle features, it delivers the always-on experience we want to bring to our customers.”

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* Pickup & Delivery service may be limited based on distance from the dealership. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a roadside event. Same-day appointments not available for this offer. Offer is nontransferable. Visit for important program details and terms and conditions.

** Vehicle Health Alerts require SYNC 3 version 2.0 or higher and a data connection via a mobile device or FordPass Connect. See SYNC interface, a dealer or a Ford guide for more information. Aftermarket on-board diagnostic devices may interfere with various vehicle systems, including Vehicle Health Report and 911 Assist®. To avoid interference, remove the device or contact the device maker for more information on compatibility.

*** Points and milestones are not redeemable for cash or check. Must be enrolled in FordPass Rewards.


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