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Dennis Slevin

Growing up on a large dairy farm in Indiana, Dennis Slevin was exposed to big trucks and machinery at a young age. An inclination toward math and science in high school led him to Purdue University, where he planned to pursue a degree in forestry.

“When I learned there weren’t many jobs or much more money in forestry, I switched my major to agricultural engineering,” said Slevin. Then he changed course again, to mechanical engineering, earning a degree from the University of Michigan and beginning his career at Ford while still in school. He went on to earn an MBA from Michigan State University as well.

For 36 years, Slevin has worked on Ford truck programs – from Ranger to Super Duty. He and his team are responsible for the all-new 2017 Super Duty’s increased toughness and capability – attributes they achieved by reinvesting weight savings into bigger and better components.

Away from the rigors of vehicle engineering, Slevin is a proud grandfather of four who likes the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing, as well as taking an active role in his church.