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Learn How to Draw a Ford Ranger Raptor

Watch a master at work in this informative video which takes the viewer behind the scenes of the Ford Design department to see the steps to drawing a Ranger Raptor.

The automotive design incorporates everything from colour and materials to virtual reality and 3D clay modelling, but the process always begins with a pen and paper. It still relies on the creativity of a human being to breathe life into a product idea.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at being an automotive designer then get out your pad and pencils so you can follow along as Ford Australia designer, Pedro Guarinon explains the fundamentals of truck design.


Step-by-step, Pedro details Ranger Raptor’s signature lines, explaining the importance of stance, proportions and the placement of wheels and the cabin when planning your sketch.

“I love sketching with a pen and paper,” said Guarinon. “I can get lost in the moment and express myself and my impression of the vehicle with organic freedom you can’t get from a tablet.

“Our design studio is cutting edge, but as a designer, there’s nothing better than working with pen and paper. Simple things create amazing things.”

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