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Desert Driving Tips


With some of the best driving deserts in the world right on our doorstep, Ford Middle East has compiled a series of videos to help you to get out and explore the dunes in your 4x4. Designed to cover the basics of desert driving, with advice from Ford’s in-house experts, the tips will get you started towards an exciting life of adventure off road. Click the links and stories to learn more.


Episode One: Choosing Your Car

Episode one centres on choosing the right vehicle to go off-roading with. Given the right conditions and in the hands of expert drivers almost anything can be driven in the desert but for the rest of us, four-wheel-drive is a must. But not all four-wheel drives are created equal, and while many crossovers now come equipped with all-wheel-drive, some may not be suitable for a life negotiating soft, deep sand.


Episode Two: Buddy Up and Organize Your Gear

In the second episode of the series, Christoph Baur, Ford MEA Powertrain Engineering Supervisor and series co-host, says preparation is key to enjoying a fun day out into the sand.


Episode Three: Deflating

Novice desert drivers may not be aware of the importance of deflating – or just how easy it is to drive on sand once tyre pressures have been reduced considerably. As the tyre pressure drops, the tyre flattens out, creating a larger contact patch with the ground – up to 25 per cent more – which helps spread the weight of the vehicle a little more, and helps reduce strain on the engine and other driveline components.


Episode Four: Driving Safely in the Dunes

The wide-open desert is the perfect playground for off-roaders but there are a few things to bear in mind when venturing into the dunes as part of a group for the first time. Pacing and spacing is the subject of the fourth episode of Ford’s Desert Driving Tips series – and mastering both will make your desert drive a lot more relaxed and enjoyable.


Episode Five: Avoiding Sticky Situations



Episode Six: Self Recovery Tips



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