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As Saudi Women Prepare to Take to the Roads, Ford has Produced a List of Top Car Buying Tips to Help New Drivers Through Their First Test Drive

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, June 23 2018 – The historic day is finally upon us. Here are a few tips for Saudi women hoping to take their first steps towards car ownership as of June 24, 2018.


Purchasing your first vehicle is extremely exciting and there is a long list of things to look out for. The car market is primed for choice with a vast collection, and narrowing that down to the car you want can be daunting. Your preparation can start before entering the showroom, so spend some time on the internet watching and reading through reviews, scanning pictures and checking safety and technology features. There are many types of vehicle, including sports cars, convertibles and SUVs.

What about exterior styling, or driver’s assist technologies? Ford offers more than 10 models in the Kingdom, so you may want to familiarise yourself with them before visiting the dealership.

Or better yet, for an expert’s opinion, why not watch a series of videos by Saudi automotive influencer Hasan Kutbi where he covers most of the questions you may have!


Your sales consultant will walk you through the features of the car and point out its highlights. They’re loaded up with knowledge, so make sure you ask as many questions as you can. Check the boot: is it big enough for what you need? How do you get into it? Which side is the fuel cap on? How do you open it? Are there enough ISOFIX points for child seats?

It’s always a good idea to check to see whether you can safely store your phone and whether there are points at which you can charge it, or connect to the in-car entertainment system. Ford’s is called SYNC 3, and it’s both a powerful navigational tool and entertainment system. It is even is voice activated in Arabic and English. It also allows you to connect your phone (tethered or wirelessly) and access things like your contacts and favourite tunes and apps.

Al Jazirah has a team of highly-trained female sales consultants, many of whom have years of experience with the Ford brand and products, and are ready to show you the Ford collection.  

Test Drive
So, you’ve settled on a car that you’d like to try, and you’ve been handed the keys for your test drive. Make sure it’s the same specification as the one you want to buy. There are vast differences in the exterior, interiors and options available across each model line, so you really need to experience the car you’re going to be buying. 

On the test drive, someone from the dealership will probably accompany you to help point out features that are more apparent when you’re on the go. They’re there to help answer any questions you may have, so ask them as they crop up.

From the second you open the door, pay close attention to every little detail, sound and position of controls in the car. Was the door handle convenient and easy to open? How easy is it to get in? Get into the back seat to see if there is enough headroom for your passengers to sit comfortably. Are your legs comfortable or cramped in front or back seat?

Now it’s time to actually drive the car. Adjust the seat, seat belt, steering wheel, and mirrors to suit you. Take note of how easy it was to adjust everything and take a look around at the instrument panel to see if you can see everything clearly. Remember, the goal of a test drive is to experience real life driving conditions.

If you can, drive the car in both stop-and-go traffic and at highway speeds. Drive over bumps and holes in the road since they can help you test the car’s suspension. Take tight corners and test the brakes in a safe location. When you are at a stop sign and press on the accelerator to take off, is the car sluggish or does it take off smoothly? When you come to a stop, are you able to come to a smooth and complete stop easily and confidently?

It's a good idea to do all of your test-driving in one morning or afternoon. Driving the cars back to back will help you uncover even minor differences, which will lead to a more educated purchase decision.

A new car is a big investment; make sure you spend enough time really looking at it. And then, consider one last thing: your intuition. It has to feel right – and if it does, go for it!

Always opt for best value, not the cheapest deal

It’s likely that you’ll own  your car for a few years, so make sure that you consider the whole-life costs of the car, and not just the sticker price. You will need to insure it at registration; and consider the service and maintenance package, as not all items are covered under the service agreement, and you’ll need to think about things like tyres and fuel.

Some cars are more expensive to repair too, and while Ford endeavours to remove this burden from owners with a comprehensive aftersales package and extended warranties on expensive parts like engine and powertrain, some manufacturers don’t.

Your new car checklist.

  • Is the car the right type for you?
  • Are you comfortable driving it?
  • Will your passengers be comfortable too?
  • Is it the right colour and specification?
  • Does the car have the technologies you want?
  • Does it offer the space you and your family need?
  • Does it come with great aftersales and service?
  • Does it come with roadside assistance?
  • Is it fun to drive?
  • Do you feel safe in it?
  • Does it have good value for money?
  • Are you proud to say it’s yours?

Arrange your visit

Car dealerships across Saudi Arabia have been preparing for the lifting of the driving ban for months, and are expecting many women to take their first steps towards car ownership on June 24. If you want to guarantee your time with a sales consultant, plan your day and call your nearest dealer to make an appointment.

To visit your nearest branch of Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies (AJVA), the Ford and Lincoln importer-dealer in Saudi Arabia, call 920002999 or Whatsapp 0559991093.

It is a Family Day

It’s your first test drive, why don’t you bring your family along? Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co (AJVA), the Ford and Lincoln importer-dealer in Saudi Arabia, has an upgraded facility in Riyadh’s Takhassussi Street to welcome female customers in a warm family environment. This includes a new kids’ corner so the whole family can enjoy the shopping experience.

“Our goal is to create a relaxing environment that enables a new wave of customers to enjoy the entire experience of buying and owning their dream Ford,” said Mohammed Al Kraidees, Deputy CEO, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co. “There is a lot to consider when buying a new car, and we really want the experience to be as stress-free as possible for our female customers.”


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