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Cynthia Williams

As global director, Sustainability, Homologation and Compliance, Cynthia Williams plays a central role in Ford's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and lead the automotive industry's transition to electric vehicles.

These ambitious goals align with Ford's long-time purpose of building a better world where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. But Cynthia is clear that building a better world involves more than creating electric vehicles that people want to drive. It means ensuring that EVs are made responsibly, that they're accessible and affordable, that the environment and local communities are protected, and that there's infrastructure and talent in place to support an electrified future.

Cynthia's job requires a deep knowledge of transportation and climate policy, a creative mindset and a talent for collaboration. She's energized by the challenges and opportunities presented by transitioning drivers to EVs and passionate about shaping a future of mobility that's inclusive, innovative, just and sustainable.

A native of Flint, MI, Cynthia joined Ford in 1992 as part of the Ford College Graduate Program in the Automotive Emissions and Fuel Economy Office. Since then, she's held several positions at the company, including Sustainability, Environment and Safety Director in Asia Pacific, Automotive Safety Assistant Director, Environmental Policy Manager, and On-Board Diagnostics Compliance Manager.

In addition to her current role as Global Director, Cynthia serves on the Board of Directors for CALSTART and VELOZ, nonprofit organizations working to develop and promote clean, efficient transportation solutions. She also serves on the Michigan Governor's Council on Climate Solutions, the Women of Ford Board and the Torch of Wisdom Foundation, Inc., and is committed to mentoring the young engineers, peers and youth who will step up to become the next generation's sustainability leaders.