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Ford Motor Company was born on the racetrack. Henry Ford used innovation and technical excellence to win on the track and attract investors to Ford, and the rest is history.

We love motorsports, but more than that, we love winning. Not because we love being soaked in champagne. Or collecting trophies, or having podium finishes. Or because we know we can beat anyone, anywhere, and on any surface.

We love racing because it makes us better. It’s knowing that we pushed ourselves past what we thought was possible. That we challenged expectations at every turn. That we set the bar high for ourselves, and our competitors around the world. 

That is why we’re rejoining the world’s fastest track, F1 with Oracle Red Bull Racing in 2026.

Why Ford Mustang Performance has never slowed down from our new Dark Horse-inspired GT3, GT4 and Dark Horse R through to our NASCAR Cup Series Mustang, our NHRA Mustang Funny Car and our Mustang Drift Car

Why Off-Road Performance climbs higher and deeper into the deserts and the mountains from Dakar to Baja and with Ranger, Bronco and F-150 among others.

And why we are the only ones to bring true innovation to the next generation of EVs – cars no other company can conceive of let alone deliver such as our 2,000 horsepower SuperVan 4.

It’s all in the name of better and being our best. If our performance vehicles never stop getting better, then our Ford vehicles on the road never stop getting better.

We will never settle – because when Ford Performance wins, the world wins.

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