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Soundbites: May 2017 Sales

Ford Motor Company’s overall U.S. sales for May 2017 totaled 241,126 vehicles, a 2.2 percent gain compared to last year.  Here to translate what these numbers mean to the company, is Ford Sales Analyst, Erich Merkle.

Cut #1  “F-Series  had its best sales in 13 years, and we sold just over 76-thousand F-Series pickups in  the month of May, so a really good number from F-Series, that was a 13 percent  gain over last year.”  :16 sec.

F-Series was not the only segment reflecting some good sales numbers, Ford Brand SUV’s, also set sales records of their own for the month of May.

Cut #2 ”Ford brand SUVs set another record in the month of May, we sold 74,910 Ford brand SUVs and that was a 4 percent increase over a year ago.”  :11 sec.

According to Merkle, the sales growth is a long-term trend in SUV’s and has been going on for some 20 years now, but we’ve seen a more pronounced number in SUV sales in the last 18-24 months.

Cut #3 “A lot of that is because what’s happening you have, Baby Boomers are very keen on SUVs because they provide better ingress, egress, and then you also  have a younger generation of Millennials that are coming up that need SUVs as they start to form families and those families start to grow, so they require more utility.”   :19 sec.

When it comes to Luxury vehicles, Lincoln continues to see a steady, month-over-month increase in retail sales.  According to Merkle Lincoln retail sales were up 16 consecutive months in May with the MKC delivering strong gains, up 17 percent, followed by the all-new Lincoln Continental.  

Cut #4 “Lincoln has been doing a great job, we’ve had MKC which has provided that lift over the 16 months, MKC Sales in the month of May were up 17 percent and let’s not forget, we also  have the new Continental, in our offering now, and with the new Continental sales in May were up over a thousand vehicles for the month.”  :19 sec.

The all-new Lincoln Navigator, arrives in dealer showrooms later this year.

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