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Soundbites: August 2018 Sales

Ford Motor Company’s August U.S. sales totaled 218,504. Here to reflect on sales during the month of August is Ford Sales Analyst Erich Merkle.

Cut #1 “Ours sales were up overall for Ford Motor Company by about 4.1 percent in August, with a total of over 218,000 vehicles sold.” :10 sec.

Ford is America’s top seller of trucks, SUVs and vans combined, with these vehicles totaling 174,443 sales last month, which is a gain of 11.4 percent; this year, Ford brand pickups, vans and SUVs posted sales of 1,300,400 vehicles up 3.5 percent.


Cut #2 “We have a leadership position in all those, particular categories,  particularly in trucks and vans and we’re operating at close to record levels for SUVs right now, so it really plays to our advantage when we see a market that’s moving away from cars and into things like trucks, vans and SUVs and I think August was very representative of that.” :22 sec.

The F-series marked its 16th consecutive month of year over year gains.


Cut #3 “It’s very consistent when you look at F-Series, there is no one else out there that can talk about 16 consecutive months of year-over-year sales gains, F-Series is like a watch it just keeps ticking, month over month it just keeps producing gains for us.” :15 sec.

Both Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer turned in big months, as explained by Merkle.


Cut #4 “The other thing that’s really incredible though, is when you take a look at our SUVs we had double digit growth in Ford brand SUVs, which were up 21 percent and that was driven by our new products like the Ford Expedition, which was up considerably at 94.6 percent and the Explorer gained 19.2 percent.” :21 sec.               

Then there is Mustang which saw sales climb 35.6 percent during the month of August.


Cut #5 “And right now Mustang is outselling some of its major competitors, in this case at GM it’s outselling this year both Camaro and Corvette combined, so that really speaks volumes to the strength of Mustang.” :13 sec.        

Lincoln Navigator is also flying off the lots and Merkle says the company is doing all they can to keep up with consumer demand.

Cut #6 “We’re doing everything we can to keep up with Navigator sales, but it is really a hot product for us, people really want these things loaded up. So, 85 percent of our sales for the month were high-end Black Label or Reserve Navigator. People really want the high end, a lot of content loaded into these vehicles, so Navigator sales were up a 102 percent, year-over-year and they were up 230 percent out in California, which is very high luxury market.” :32 sec.


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