Ford Media Center

Mike Amend

Chief Enterprise Technology Officer

Steven Armstrong

Vice President, India & South America Transformation

Jim Baumbick

Vice President, Product Development Operations, Cycle Planning and Internal Combustion Engine Programs

Dave Bozeman

Vice President, Ford Customer Service Division, Enthusiast Vehicles, Ford Blue

Kieran Cahill

Vice President, Vice President, Industrial Operations Europe & IMG, Ford Blue

Ted Cannis

CEO, Ford Pro

Anning Chen

President and CEO, Ford China

Dianne Craig

President, Lincoln

Steven Croley

Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel

Lisa Drake

Vice President, EV Industrialization, Ford Model e

James D. Farley, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Field

Chief Advanced Product Development and Technology Officer

Dave Filipe

Vice President, Vehicle Hardware & Modules

William Clay Ford Jr.

Executive Chair

Elena Ford

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Ford Blue

Andrew Frick

Vice President, Sales, Distribution and Trucks, Ford Blue

Kumar Galhotra

President, Ford Blue

Marin Gjaja

Chief Customer Officer, Ford Model e

Chuck Gray

Vice President, Vehicle Hardware Engineering, Ford Model e

Marion Harris

President and CEO, Ford Motor Credit Company

Bob Holycross

Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering

Jonathan Jennings

Vice President, Supply Chain

John Lawler

Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Supply Chain Officer

Anthony Lo

Chief Design Officer

Franck Louis-Victor

Vice President, New Businesses, Ford Next

David McClelland

Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships

Cathy O’Callaghan

Vice President, Controller

Darren Palmer

Vice President, Electric Vehicle Programs, Ford Model e

Kiersten Robinson

General Manager, Family Vehicles, and President, Mexico and Canada, Ford Blue

John Savona

Vice President, Americas Manufacturing & Labor Affairs, Ford Blue

Christopher Smith

Chief Government Affairs Officer

Mark Truby

Chief Communications Officer

Jennifer Waldo

Chief People and Employee Experience Officer

Lyle Watters

General Manager, Ford Passenger Vehicle Division, Ford China

Dave Webb


Trevor Worthington

Vice President, ICE Product Programs