Ford Media Center

Joerg Beyer

Managing Director, Product Development, Ford-Werke GmbH, and Executive Director, Engineering, Ford of Europe

Nigel Brackenbury

Vice President, Ford Customer Service Division, International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company

Jacques Brent

Director, Product Marketing

James A. Buczkowski

Director, Electrical and Electronics Systems, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

Don Butler

Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company

Richard Chen

Vice President, Strategy and Partnership, Ford Greater China

Sheryl Connelly

Manager, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company

Andrew Frick

Director of U.S. Sales, Ford Motor Company

Peter Godsell

Vice President, Human Resources, Ford of Europe and Middle East and Africa

Marion Harris

Vice President, Mobility Business Group, Ford Motor Company

Gunnar Herrmann

Executive Director, Business Transformation, Ford of Germany, and Chairman, Ford-Werke GmbH

Graham Hoare

Executive Director, Business Transformation, Ford of Britain

Bob Holycross

Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters, Ford Motor Company

Jeffrey Jones

Vice President, City Solutions, North America, Ford Motor Company

Edwin Krenz

Chief Functional Engineer, Ford Performance

Henry Li

Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Ford Greater China

Sundeep Madra

Vice President, Ford X, Ford Motor Company

Curt Magleby

Vice President, U.S. Government Relations, Ford Motor Company

Debbie Mielewski

Ford Motor Company Research Scientist

Emily Kolinski Morris

Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company

Graham Pearson

Executive Director, Asia Pacific Product Development

Gordon Platto

Chief Designer, F-Series and Explorer

K. Venkatesh Prasad


Brian Rathsburg

Marketing Manager, Ford Super Duty

Beth A. Rose

Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Integrity Officer, Office of the General Counsel

Brian Schaaf

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Ford Motor Credit Company

Craig Schmatz

Chief Engineer, Ford F-Series Super Duty

Michael S. Sheridan

Vice President, International Governmental Relations

Dennis Slevin

Vehicle Engineering Manager, Ford F-Series Super Duty

Rich Strader

Vice President, Mobility Platforms and Products, Ford Motor Company

James G. Vella

President, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

Randy Visintainer

Chief Technical Officer, Ford Autonomous Vehicle LLC

Tim Wallington

Senior Technical Leader, Environmental Sciences, Ford Motor Company

Dave Webb

Treasurer, Ford Motor Company

Brett Wheatley

Vice President, Mobility Marketing and Growth, Ford Motor Company