Ford Media Center

Steven Armstrong

Chairman, Ford of Europe

Mitch Bainwol

Chief Government Relations Officer

Jim Baumbick

Vice President, Enterprise Product Line Management

Birgit Behrendt

Vice President, Joint Ventures, Alliances and Commercial Affairs, Ford of Europe

Joerg Beyer

Managing Director, Product Development, Ford-Werke GmbH, and Executive Director, Engineering, Ford of Europe

Nigel Brackenbury

Vice President, Customer Service Operations, Asia Pacific, Ford Motor Company

Jacques Brent

Director, Product Marketing

James A. Buczkowski

Director, Electrical and Electronics Systems, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

Don Butler

Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company

Stephen G. Butler

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Mark Buzzell

President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Moray Callum

Vice President, Design, Ford Motor Company

Linda Cash

Vice President, Quality and New Model Launch

Kimberly A. Casiano

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Anning Chen

President and CEO, Ford China

Richard Chen

Vice President, Strategy and Partnership, Ford Greater China

Sheryl Connelly

Manager, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company

Bill Dirksen

Vice President, Labor Affairs, Ford Motor Company

Lisa Drake

Vice President, Global Powertrain and Purchasing Operations

Anthony F. Earley, Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Joy Falotico

Group Vice President, Lincoln Motor Company and Chief Marketing Officer

James D. Farley, Jr.

President, New Businesses, Technology & Strategy (effective May 1, 2019)

Dave Filipe

Vice President, Powertrain Engineering

Peter Fleet

Group Vice President and President, International Markets Group

Edsel B. Ford II

Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

William Clay Ford Jr.

Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Elena A. Ford

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Ford Motor Company

Andrew Frick

Director of U.S. Sales, Ford Motor Company

Kumar Galhotra

Group Vice President and President, Ford North America

Bradley M. Gayton

Group Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Ford Motor Company

Peter Godsell

Vice President, Human Resources, Ford of Europe and Middle East and Africa

Jim Hackett

President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company

Marion Harris

Vice President, Mobility Business Group, Ford Motor Company

Nigel Harris

Vice President and President, Changan Ford Automobile Corporation, Ltd.

William W. Helman IV

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Gunnar Herrmann

Executive Director, Business Transformation, Ford of Germany, and Chairman, Ford-Werke GmbH

Joseph R. Hinrichs

President, Automotive (effective May 1, 2019)

Graham Hoare

Executive Director, Business Transformation, Ford of Britain

Jim Holland

Vice President, Vehicle Component and System Engineering

Bob Holycross

Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters, Ford Motor Company

Caroline Hughes

Director, Government Relations, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.

Gary Johnson

Group Vice President, Manufacturing & Labor Affairs, Ford Motor Company

Jeffrey Jones

Executive Director, Strategy, Asia Pacific

Burt Jordan

Vice President Global Vehicle & Indirect Purchasing and Supply Chain Sustainability

William E. Kennard

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Marcy Klevorn

Chief Transformation Officer (effective May 1, 2019)

Edwin Krenz

Chief Functional Engineer, Ford Performance

Mark LaNeve

Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service

John Lawler

Vice President, Strategy, Ford Motor Company

John C. Lechleiter, PH.D.

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Jeff Lemmer

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Ford Motor Company

Henry Li

Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Ford Greater China

Sundeep Madra

Vice President, Ford X, Ford Motor Company

Curt Magleby

Vice President of U.S. Government Relations

Sherif Marakby

President and CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

Amy Marentic

Director of Marketing, Brand, and Consumer Experience for Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

Ellen R. Marram

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

David McClelland

Vice President, Ford Motor Company, and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Credit Company

Debbie Mielewski

Ford Motor Company Research Scientist

Lauren More

Vice President, Communications, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.

Emily Kolinski Morris

Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company

Cathy O’Callaghan

Vice President and Corporate Controller, CFO, Global Markets

Mark Ovenden

President, International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company

Graham Pearson

Executive Director, Asia Pacific Product Development

William R. Periam

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance, Ford of Europe

Kimberly Pittel

Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering

Gordon Platto

Chief Designer, F-Series and Explorer

K. Venkatesh Prasad


Werner Puetz

Vice President, Purchasing, Ford of Europe

Randy Visintainer

Director, Autonomous Vehicles

Brian Rathsburg

Marketing Manager, Ford Super Duty

Kiersten Robinson

Ford group vice president and Chief Human Resources Officer

Stuart Rowley

President, Ford of Europe

John Savona

Vice President, North American Manufacturing

Brian Schaaf

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Ford Motor Credit Company

Craig Schmatz

Chief Engineer, Ford F-Series Super Duty

Robert L. Shanks

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Ford Motor Company

Michael S. Sheridan

Vice President, International Governmental Relations

Dennis Slevin

Vehicle Engineering Manager, Ford F-Series Super Duty

Tim Stone

Chief Financial Officer (effective June 1, 2019)

Rich Strader

Vice President, Mobility Platforms and Products, Ford Motor Company

Hau Thai-Tang

Executive Vice President, Product Development and Purchasing, Ford Motor Company

John L. Thornton

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Frederiek Toney

President, Global Ford Customer Service Division, Vice President, Corporate Officer, Ford Motor Company

Mark Truby

Vice President, Communications, Ford Motor Company

Matt VanDyke

Director, U.S. Marketing, Ford Motor Company

John Veihmeyer

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

James G. Vella

President, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

Lynn Vojvodich

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Tim Wallington

Senior Technical Leader, Environmental Sciences, Ford Motor Company

Dr. Ken Washington

Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering and Chief Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company

Lyle Watters

Vice President, Ford Motor Company and President, Ford South America

Dave Webb

Treasurer, Ford Motor Company

John S. Weinberg

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Brett Wheatley

Vice President, Mobility Marketing and Growth, Ford Motor Company

Dale Wishnousky

Vice President, Manufacturing, Ford of Europe

Trevor Worthington

Vice President, Global Product Development Operations & Vehicle Programs, Ford Motor Company

Roelant de Waard

Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe