Ford Media Center

Ernest Adams

Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Mike Amend

Chief Enterprise Technology Officer

Jim Baumbick

Vice President, Ford Product Development Operations and Quality

Joerg Beyer

Managing Director, Product Development, Ford-Werke GmbH, and Executive Director, Engineering, Ford of Europe

Nigel Brackenbury

Vice President, Ford Customer Service Division, Ford of Europe

Kieran Cahill

Vice President, Vice President, Industrial Operations Europe & IMG, Ford Blue

Ted Cannis

Chief Executive Officer, Ford Pro and Ford Customer Service Division

Kimberly A. Casiano

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Dianne Craig

President, Lincoln

Steven Croley

Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel

Mary Culler

President, Ford Motor Company Fund

Bryce Currie

Vice President, Americas Manufacturing & Labor Affairs, Ford Blue

John Davis

Director, Vehicle and Product Engineering, Ford Next LLC

Juan De Peña

Ford Ranger Chief Program Engineer

John Dion

Chief Transformation Officer

Liz Door

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Lisa Drake

Vice President, EV Industrialization, Ford Model e

Alexandra Ford English

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

James D. Farley, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Field

Chief Advanced Product Development and Technology Officer

Henry Ford III

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

William Clay Ford Jr.

Executive Chair

Elena Ford

Chief Dealer Engagement Officer

Andrew Frick

Vice President, Sales, Distribution and Trucks, Ford Blue

Kumar Galhotra

President, Ford Blue

Marin Gjaja

Chief Operating Officer, Ford Model e

Matt Godlewski

Vice President, International Government Affairs Vice President, Government & Community Affairs, Ford of Europe

Peter Godsell

Vice President, Human Resources, Ford of Europe

Bev Goodman

President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Chuck Gray

Vice President, Vehicle Hardware Engineering, Ford Model e

Marion Harris

President and CEO, Ford Motor Credit Company

William W. Helman IV

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Bob Holycross

Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering

Caroline Hughes

Director, Government Relations, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.

Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Jae Park

Vice President, Digital Product Design, Ford Model e

Jim Dobleske

Chairman and CEO, Ford Land

Kay Hart

President, International Markets Group

William E. Kennard

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Mike Keogh

Chief Financial Officer, Ford Model e

Monazza Khan

Regional Director, Office of the General Counsel, Ford of Europe

Edwin Krenz

Chief Engineer, Ford Mustang

John Lawler

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin C. Legel

Vice President, Labor Affairs, Ford Motor Company

Anthony Lo

Chief Design Officer

Lisa Materazzo

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Jones

Executive Director, Global Technology Strategy, Research & Advanced Engineering

John C. May

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

David McClelland

Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships

Beth Mooney

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Lauren More

Vice President, Communications, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.

Emily Kolinski Morris

Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company

Cathy O’Callaghan

Vice President, Controller

Eliane Okamura

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Executive Vice President, Strategy, Ford Motor Credit Company

Darren Palmer

Vice President, Electric Vehicle Programs, Ford Model e

Graham Pearson

Executive Director, Asia Pacific Product Development

William R. Periam

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President Partnerships, Ford of Europe

Gordon Platto

Chief Designer, F-Series and Explorer

Doug Power

Vice President, Corporate Development

K. Venkatesh Prasad


Werner Puetz

Vice President, Purchasing, Ford of Europe

Alex Purdy

Head of Digital Product, Model e, Ford Motor Company

Brian Rathsburg

Marketing Manager, Ford Super Duty

Rob Bedichek

Executive Director, Platform Architecture

Beth A. Rose

Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Integrity Officer, Office of the General Counsel

Roz Ho

Chief Connected Vehicle Software Officer, Model e

Sammy Omari

Executive Director, Advanced Driver Assist System Technologies

Martin Sander

General Manager, Ford Model e Europe

Elvira Schachermeier

Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, Ford of Europe

Hans Schep

General Manager, Ford Pro, Europe

Rahul Singh

Chief Technology Officer, Ford Pro

Christopher Smith

Chief Government Affairs Officer

Peter Stern

President, Ford Integrated Services

Dean R.W. Stoneley

President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Rich Strader

Vice President, Mobility Platforms and Products, Ford Motor Company

John L. Thornton

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company (Lead Independent Director)

Mark Truby

Chief Communications Officer

Lynn Antipas Tyson

Executive Director, Investor Relations

John Veihmeyer

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Lynn Vojvodich Radakovich

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Jennifer Waldo

Chief People and Employee Experience Officer

Tim Wallington

Senior Technical Leader, Environmental Sciences, Ford Motor Company

Lyle Watters

Vice President and General Manager, Passenger Vehicles, Ford China

Dave Webb

Vice President, Treasurer

John S. Weinberg

Member, Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company

Cynthia Williams

Global Director, Sustainability, Homologation and Compliance

Jon Williams

General manager, Ford Blue in Europe

Sam Wu

President and CEO, Ford China

Linda Zhang

Chief Engineer, All-Electric F-150 Lightning